Jun. 30th, 2015

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Last year, what with the buying and the selling and the moving, I didn't track the farm share past week one, it seems, and I missed doing it. I know they aren't the most interesting posts, but posting at all makes me more likely to post more. Farm share started last week and we are definitely still ramping up. I didn't weigh either weeks, but week one filled two reusable shopping bags fully and week two filled three, so that much. :)

Week 1 )

We've been eating lots of salad. Much of the peas were munched raw -- Tadpole was very excited to see them. One evening, a friend came over to cook dinner (ftr, I totally welcome more friends like that :) and I was supposed to have planned a veggie but completely forgot. As luck would have it, she was sautéing marinated shitake, so when those came out, I tossed the sugar snap peas in and cooked them every so briefly in the super-hot cast iron pan. Oh wowowow. I am psyched that we have extra marinade because I know what I want to do with the new batch now.

Week 2 )

In addition to all of that, neighbors gave us spares from their farm shares, which included a head of purple lettuce, a bunch of rainbow chard, a bunch of kale, some fresh mint, two kohlrabi with greens, 2 bunches garlic scapes, and a few stalks of rhubarb. Getting everything into the fridge was a challenge -- we really have to cook tomorrow!

Among other things, I am planning for zucchini (cousa being close enough) basil soup, since my basil is doing well, too. And salad. I need to make up a batch of the awesome Caesars dressing and just keep it in a jar in the fridge. And my salad/slaw.

Meanwhile, we still have some leftovers lentils from Sunday, when we cooked the community dinner. The menu was Caesar Salad (except just romaine, no kale), Snobby Joes, and six varieties of homemade popsicles (three boozy, three not). In addition, we did a bonus veggie using all the cooking green from Week 1 as well as additional greens neighbors gave us to add in. It was a yummy, well-received meal.


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