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Oops, forgot to hit Post. This is from last week. There has been lots of yum including more zucchini noodles. This time, I went more traditional with a curry peanut sauce. Good stuff. Made a bunch of refrigerator pickles with last week's cucumbers (sorry, I was lazy). The extra box of tomatoes was made into much roasted sauce, some of which went to ushering in pizza baking season. So it's not *all* bad when it gets a little cooler.

Made a glorious celery root soup. I hope we get more so I can make more. Finally got around to freezing some of the pepper excess, too, which is nice to have for the off season, when peppers are surprisingly expensive. I need to freeze the celery tops, too -- perfect for soup!

I still have almost all the turnips left. They keep for a while so there's no pressure, and I didn't feel particularly inspired. But I'll make some mashed turnips soon if nothing more interesting comes to mind.

Apples continue to get et with glee, and last night I made apples & honey muffins, which turned out great. There will certainly be more of those.

  • 4 Zucchini
  • 4 lbs Purple-Top Turnips
  • 8 ears Corn
  • 6 lbs Cortland Apples
  • 2 bunches Rabe
  • 2 Celery Root (+Celery tops!)
  • 2 lbs Kentucky Wonder Beans
  • 12 Peppers
    = 35#


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