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Congratulations [ profile] derspatchel, top scorer in this round of the Lyrics Meme!

All comments have been unscreened and I will shortly post a separate entry with all the answers.


I always have fun with my lyrics memes (which aren't really memes, or maybe the "memes" aren't really memes), but anyway) and as y'all know, enjoy playing with themes of various sorts. This one is a little different and adds in an funky challenge factor that some may hate but I hope most have a good time with. It's all about covers! Specifically, covers I like.

As usual, my goal is for people to get them and not to stump you with obscure selections because I think it's only fun if people know them. It might be a little tougher this time in that the excerpts are all on the short side, but each song is reasonably well-known at least two different ways. So what you need to supply for each is the name of the song, the original artist, and the artist of my favorite cover version. There may be multiple covers, but you can only have ONE official guess.

Confused? Here's an example:
0. I used to cry, but now I hold my head up high
Answer: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Cover by Cake.

Behind the cut are your 18 selections. Don't forget to explain the subject line for bonus points. Enjoy. :)

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1 point per title, original artist, and cover artist, for a total of 3 points per lyric (3x18=54)
6 bonus points for explaining the subject line
For a possible total of 60 (sixty!) points

Some helpful hints:
- Comments are screened
- Each artist/lead is used only once. This could be useful to know.
- There is no Johnny Cash because there is just too much Johnny Cash. (And though I love the man, my favorite cover of Hurt is Sad Kermit's.)
- Yes, there are indeed awesome covers that didn't make the list. It's not meant to be exhaustive.

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