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Is there anyone local who doesn't yet know about my show that opens tonight? If so, I apologize for not mentioning it sooner, but I kinda assumed y'all had heard. Either way, my show opens tonight! Come see it! Bring your friends! Four performances including tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday at 8pm as well as Saturday at 2pm.

Enter the Somerville Theatre and step into a day in history. You'll be the audience for a live recording of the Frank Cyrano Byfar Hour, which may just get interrupted due to Martian invasion. It'll be War of the Worlds: The Fall of Boston! With the musical stylings of ENSMB! Come early for all the pre-show fun which will include both scripted and improv greatness.

If you haven't yet heard the civil warning, you must listen to this.
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As is my unfortunate habit, I'm not sure I've mentioned (except for announcing auditions) that, for the first time ever, I have taken on the theatrical role of director. And my show opened last night!

I am directing a one-act as part of Festival@First6: Tables Turned. It's called Not Funny, written by the wonderful Chris Lockheardt. I sum it up thusly:
Stabbing is no laughing matter, except when it is. Emily and Brad work out some relationship issues while he exsanguinates. It's funnier than you think.
There are still plenty of tickets for the rest of this weekend, and I urge you to get in while you can, since next weekend will almost certainly sell out. Last night was an amazing opener and I am so super proud of my fabulous cast, Elizabeth and Michael (are they on LJ? I don't actually know). They are both new faces to T@F and have stepped up admirably. I had a lot of qualms about doing this, both beforehand and every step along the way, concerns that I was basically superfluous, couldn't really affect the outcome, etc, but it's not only come together really well, but I actually feel like I can take some responsibility for that, which is pretty awesome.

Knives! Blood! You have to see it. :)

PS: There are also seven other playlets, including (most significantly and awesomely), one written and directed by [ profile] plumtreeblossom. But there are too many names to list, and besides, I'm a little focused... :)
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Well, yesterday was the first night of auditions for this summer's one-acts, and for the first time ever, I have to pick a cast! Eek! I'm still quite nervous about the whole process, but feel better than I did before having seen people read. I didn't get to see everyone I would've liked to read my play (there's just no way to manage that), which certainly adds to the challenge.

There are still two more nights of auditions with plenty of open slots, so if you already know you're interested in acting, or if you're not sure, sign up and give it a go. Actings in the festival is a very small time commitment since each person is only in one 10-15 minute short, so it's great for folks who want to do theater but don't have the spare time for a real rehearsal schedule.

Check it out and come on down!

I am directing Not Funny by Chris Lockheardt. After some struggling (those of you who asked me about the play early on may recall my stumbling over trying to explain it), I finally came up with something I feel not only sums it up nicely, but also includes one of my favorite words: Stabbing is no laughing matter, except when it is. Emily and Brad work out some relationship issues while he exsanguinates. It's funnier than you think.
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I don't know if it was the pokes from assorted people or just coincidence, but WMBR net access, along with the online audio stream, is BACK UP!

The links are on the web site, though as of now the page has not been updated to reflect it being back up. So if you couldn't make it out on New Year's Eve and don't have a radio handy or aren't local, you can still tune in from your desk. :)

Link: Highest quality feed.

(A little more info is in my previous post.)
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Tune in to WMBR this Thursday at 4pm to listen to a broadcast of the Post Meridian Radio Players' Red Shift: Interplanetary Do-Gooder in Countdown to Chaos, our New Year's Eve show performed at the Orpheum.

Thanks to [ profile] psilocin for making this happen.

[Unfortunately, their online audio stream is currently down, so you'll have to turn on an actual radio. Or if anyone reading this is with MIT Network Ops, maybe you can poke the right people to get the radio station's network up again? The ticket was filed a week ago, wtf.]


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